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About us


We invest in residential and commercial real estate

Our business philosophy is based on values such as transparency, reliability and responsibility.
Our focus is on highly profitable properties in economically attractive areas of Germany, which are subject to constant technical improvement in order to guarantee quality and profitability. In the following, we provide you with a detailed insight into our professional business scope, which is based on four


Real estate acquisition

We constanly look for for interesting residential and commercial properties, including the administrative sector (offices), gastronomy (hotels) and social facilities (retirement and nursing homes). It is important to us that our interested parties receive immediate monetary added value with the turnkey properties through continuous rental payments.


Our partner Blank Immobilien ensures seamless sales of the properties. The company has been locally rooted in Pforzheim for 12 years and therefore knows the real estate market very well. This enables Blank Immobilien to ensure that both owners and property seekers are satisfied with the sale.


Before the investment objects wil be inspected, we firstly do a legal and financial check. Our business practices include precise documentation, a speedy approval process, close coordination with the relevant authorities and regular monitoring of construction progress.

Project development

For the construction of the residential or commercial buildings, we calculate the expected return on invest. From the beginning of the planning to the subsequent construction measures, we always keep an eye on the essentials. The professional construction companies we engage make a very important contribution to the realisation of a building project. The focus is on rapid owner-occupation, quick rental or rapid sale as a successful capital investment. Through our experience, we always find the right utilisation concept for the project development. For this reason, we are constantly on the lookout for plots of land or existing properties for successful revitalisation.


Address: Kaulbachstr. 51-53, 75175 Pforzheim

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    IBB GmbH
    Kaulbachstr.  51-53
    75175 Pforzheim



    About us

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    About us:

    While maintaining the highest level of confidentiality, IBB Group focuses on attractive urban centres all over Germany and invests mainly in the residential and commercial real estate business segments.

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